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Sexy Stylish!

onee gals

Onee Gal - sexy stylish!
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This community is for the more mature style of gal known as onee gal. Join is you are onee gal or interested in the style.
This community is for people to post their cute pics of onee gal! either of themselves or onee gals in magazines. This is also a great community to ask questions concerning onee gal.
If join remember to be nice to other members.
Anyone can join as long as you are interested in the gal culture!

cutehoneybear _ayumix_ lovedesu
if you wish to become a mod please contact gorie (cutehoneybear)

kogals gyaru
if you wish to be one of the sister communities please contact one of the mods.

⇒ please don't direct link any of the images! I really don't want my bandwidth killed(≧血≦;)